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12th DDOG on May 3rd


Our twelfth edition of The Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community will take place on May 3rd at Inspark in Zoetermeer.


What is DDOG

We want to create a community for content related to DevOps and GitHub. We believe GitHub has a lot to offer and deserves a user group in the Netherlands. But we also love the different elements that enable DevOps. So we decided to combine those two into the community you are looking at.
Our goal is to have a platform where we can teach, learn and meet each other.

May 3rd

We are proud to announce our great speakers!

Transitioning Ops to the Cloud, adding Dev skills to the mix

Esther Barthel

This session offers tips and tricks to add core Developer skills to your skillset, so you can transition from (on-premises) Operations to a Cloud DevOps role. This session will zoom in on some basic knowledge and terminology that will make it easier to understand the shift in work and competences for DevOps engineers.

Esther Barthel - Solutions Architect at cognition IT
Esther Barthel has worked in different roles and functions as an IT consultant after she finished her Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1997. She soon discovered that End User Computing combined servers, desktops, and user experience technologies into one and specialized in virtualization solutions, like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops and Azure Virtual Desktops

Esther works as a Solutions Architect at cognition IT, where she combines her passion for designing and implementing Citrix solutions with her newfound love for DevOps automation, using PowerShell, REST APIs and JSON payloads to automate both on-premises and Cloud Infrastructure as Code solutions.

Ever since she hosted introduction days for technical female student candidates Esther has shared her passion and knowledge for IT. She also is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion as one of the founders of the CUGC Women in Tech mentorship program.

In addition to her Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award, Esther is also awarded as a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) VMware vExpert EUC, and Parallels VIPP.

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Azure Functions

Whether you are a cloud engineer picking up developer skills or you are a developer expanding your Azure cloud knowledge; this session will want you to get started with Azure Functions. Johan will share lessons learned at InSpark, security best practices and why Azure Functions might be a valuable tool in your toolbelt.

Johan Kroese

Johan Kroese - Solution Architect at InSpark
A developer at heart, Johan divides his time between advising customers, designing software solutions and the actual development of solutions based on the Microsoft product portfolio. Once a SharePoint MCM convinced that SharePoint was the best solution to every problem he has since diversified and takes advantage of all (well not all, but a lot) of the Azure PaaS components to design and build solutions for InSpark’s customers and its software as a service products. As a principal consultant, Johan is part of the technology board at InSpark where he contributes to InSpark’s technology vision, specifically for the development and digital innovation teams.

The Event


The event will take place on May 3rd in Amstelveen, the Netherlands

The schedule for the night is as follows:

18:0019:00Arrival and dinner made possible by Inspark!
19:0019:15Introduction - Barbara Forbes & Jaap Brasser
19:1520:00Transitioning Ops to the Cloud, adding Dev skills to the mix - Esther Barthel
20:0020:45Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Azure Functions - Johan Kroese


The event is hosted at Inspark at KPN in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.
Röntgenlaan 75 2719 DX Zoetermeer

Signing up through Eventbrite is required! Please let us know if you will join us for dinner or just for the sessions. Follow us @DDOG_nl on to get the latest updates.

*This event is under the DDOG code of conduct

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