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11th DDOG on October 6th


Our eleventh edition of The Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community will take place on October 6th in Hilversum


What is DDOG

We want to create a community for content related to DevOps and GitHub. We believe GitHub has a lot to offer and deserves a user group in the Netherlands. But we also love the different elements that enable DevOps. So we decided to combine those two into the community you are looking at.
Our goal is to have a platform where we can teach, learn and meet each other.

Thursday October 6th

We are proud to announce our great speakers!

Daniel Paulus

Session to be announced

Daniel Paulus - Principal Consultant at Bryte Blue and Microsoft Azure MVP
Daniel is a serial conference organiser and meetup runner. As a principal consultant at Bryte Blue, a Microsoft Azure focussed, consultancy company and a Microsoft Azure MVP. He is helping companies succeed with Cloud Native technologies and DevOps practices.

VSCode 💖s Devcontainers (and so should you)

Ben Reader

Let’s spend some time diving into how remote container development works in VSCode so you can build awesome solutions on any device in the world and stop saying “..but it worked on my computer”

Ben Reader - Patch My PC - Software Engineer
Australian IT Professional with 13+ years of experience. Working with Patch My PC as a software engineer, bringing automation ideas to life and making 3rd party patching simple!

Equally as obsessed with PowerShell as I am with Coffee, Beer and Punkrock.

I’m a Linux nerd who is very excited about the future of Microsoft and open source.

The Event


The event will take place on Thursday October 6th in the Netherlands

The schedule for the night is as follows:

18:0019:00Arrival and diner made possible by Xpirit!
19:0019:15Introduction - Barbara Forbes & Jaap Brasser
19:1520:00Daniel Paulus
20:0020:45Ben Reader


The event is hosted at Xpirit in the Netherlands.
Laapersveld 27
1213 VB Hilversum

Signing up through Eventbrite is required! Please let us know if you will join us for diner or just for the sessions. Follow us @DDOG_nl on to get the latest updates.

*This event is under the DDOG code of conduct

Please register at Eventbrite!

Event Brite
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