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7th DDOG on September 21st


Our seventh edition of The Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community will take place on September 21st!


What is DDOG

We want to create a community for content related to DevOps and GitHub. We believe GitHub has a lot to offer and deserves a user group in the Netherlands. But we also love the different elements that enable DevOps. So we decided to combine those two into the community you are looking at.
Our goal is to have a platform where we can teach, learn and meet each other.

September 21st

We are proud to announce our great speakers!

Automate your Azure infrastructure with Bicep and Azure DevOps!

Toon Vanhoutte

The expectation of modern applications is that they are provisioned in a completely automated fashion. Easier said than done! In this demo-packed session, I will automate the infrastructure provisioning of a web application by using Bicep and Azure DevOps. We will go together through the complete process. Throughout this session you will learn many tips and tricks and best practices to ensure that secrets are handled correctly, that the developer experience is optimized and that we have and end-to-end traceability.

Toon Vanhoutte - Azure MVP | Your Azure Coach | CTO @ Noest
Hi! I’m Toon Vanhoutte, Azure Solution Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP. My duty is to design and deliver reliable, secure and scalable applications in the Azure cloud. As a solution architect, I’m not scared to take up big challenges and to dive into a development mode.

I’m a quite active member of the Microsoft Azure community and was speaker on several community and company events. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and the founder of Your Azure Coach, I love to share my experiences and learn from others during workshops, presentations and blogs. As an Azure MVP, I’m actively collaborating with various Microsoft / Azure product teams.

The Fifth Element : Azure Secure Devops

Mike Martin

In the 21st Century the Cyber Universe is threatened by Evil Source Code and Evil entities. The only hope for many developers is the Fifth Element : the Sec in Devops, which must be implemented side by side with the Four elementals : Code, Build, Test , Deploy. A Microsoft Service is bringing the Four Elements but can the Fifth be included, and will it save us from disaster?

Let us see how we can leverage Microsoft product in combination with industry standards and protocols and 3rd party tools al over the full flow of your DevOps and ALM structure.

Mike Martin - Dad, Husband, Geek, NumberGirl, msft technical evangelist, #Azure Lover and ex MVP, wall crawler, #Batman fan, Caring Community Member
As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Mike is an Azure goto for ISV’s (independent software vendors). He’s been active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and has performed almost all types of job profiles, going from coaching and leading a team to architecting and systems design and training. Today he’s primarily into the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Lifecycle Management. He’s not a stranger to both dev and IT Pro topics, they even call him the perfect hybrid solution.

In January 2012 he became a crew member of AZUG, the Belgian Microsoft Azure User Group. As an active member he’s both involved in giving presentations and organizing events (like ITProceed, Techorama and Global Azure Bootcamp aka GAB). Mike was also a Microsoft Azure MVP (awarded 5 times since 2013, received his Fifth in July 2017! ) and Microsoft Azure Advisor.

Helping out in the community and introducing new & young people into the world of Microsoft and technology is also one of his passions.

The event


The event will take place on the 21st of September, all times here are listed in CEST. For the starting time in your local timezone please use the following link: September 21st 2021 – 19:00 CEST

The schedule for the night is as follows:

19:0019:15Introduction - Barbara Forbes & Jaap Brasser
19:1520:00Automate your Azure infrastructure with Bicep and Azure DevOps! - Toon Vanhoutte
20:0021:00The Fifth Element : Azure Secure Devops - Mike Martin


The event is hosted virtually, and participation is encouraged, do feel free to join our online meeting and have you microphone ready if you want to ask questions directly! Signing up through Eventbrite is not required, but you will receive a link to the meeting by email a day before the event takes place. We will also publish the link to the event on Twitter, an hour before the event on the @DDOG_nl account. When signing in to the meeting please use first and last name, or reach out before the event.

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