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6th DDOG on June 9th


Our sixth edition of The Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community will take place on June 9th!


What is DDOG

We want to create a community for content related to DevOps and GitHub. We believe GitHub has a lot to offer and deserves a user group in the Netherlands. But we also love the different elements that enable DevOps. So we decided to combine those two into the community you are looking at.
Our goal is to have a platform where we can teach, learn and meet each other.

June 9th

We are proud to announce our great speakers!

How to really work as a team - from sleepy to strong pair programming

Stacy Cashmore

So many people think that pair programming is a boring waste of time and effort. I’m here to explain how our team made it work, and what benefits we got out of it!

I love working in a team, bouncing ideas off each other and using our combined strengths to produce something that as individuals we wouldn’t be able to come up with.

One way I like to do this is pair programming. But, when I talk to people about this, I often get told it’s a waste of time. That it’s about one person working hard whilst the other looks on, superfluous to the process. And let’s face it, most of us have experienced this when trying it out!

But I’m going to show you how we went from this sleepy type of pair programming to being super productive when working with multiple developers at one machine!

Not the one person working, one person staring into space type of pair programming, but actually providing value to each other, making the extra effort worthwhile, and bringing extra benefits to the team as a whole.

Stacy Cashmore - Tech Explorer DevOps @ Omniplan
Stacy is Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.

She’s been developing software since the mid-1990s and has been speaking about improving the way we develop software at conferences and meetups since 2018

As well as sparing with the software architect about technical issues, she spends her time helping the development team, and the wider company, with continuous improvement in terms of technical work, process and, of course, working together as a team.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her classic car, cooking, playing the piano badly and spending time with her family, doing amongst other things, building a Lego modular building city in their house.

Creating the Azure Functions Updates Twitterbot

Marc Duiker

I created a serverless Twitterbot which tweets when new releases are made available in public GitHub repositories related to Azure Functions.

In this session, I’ll walk you through the serverless application, highlighting which Azure cloud services and Azure Function specific libraries are in use and why they’ve been chosen. I’ll show two architectural patterns which are used: function chaining and fan-out/fan-in and I’ll cover the C# clients for GitHub and Twitter and describe their limitations.

Finally, I’ll also go into continuous integration & deployment aspects so you’ll end up with a complete picture of what is necessary to deliver a serverless solution to the Azure cloud.

**Marc Duiker - Lead Azure Consultant @ Xpirit **
Marc is a lead consultant at Xpirit with a strong focus on event-driven architectures. He has extensive knowledge of the serverless offerings in the Azure platform and he enjoys helping organizations making effective use of cloud-based technology.

You might have seen Marc at a developer meetup or conference since he’s a regular speaker in the area of Azure cloud & serverless technologies. He started Azure Functions University, a free and open source learning curriculum on GitHub, where everyone can learn about Azure Functions in their own pace.

In his spare time, Marc likes to give attention to the creative part of his brain. He likes to create pixel art (check out VSCode Pets), code visuals & music, and an occasional retro game.

The event


The event will take place on the 9th of June, all times here are listed in CEST. For the starting time in your local timezone please use the following link: June 9th 2021 – 19:00 CEST

The schedule for the night is as follows:

19:0019:15Introduction - Barbara Forbes & Jaap Brasser
19:1520:00How to really work as a team - from sleepy to strong pair programming - Stacy Cashmore
20:0020:45Creating the Azure Functions Updates Twitterbot - Marc Duiker


The event is hosted virtually, and participation is encouraged, do feel free to join our online meeting and have you microphone ready if you want to ask questions directly! Signing up through Eventbrite is not required, but you will receive a link to the meeting by email a day before the event takes place. We will also publish the link to the event on Twitter, an hour before the event on the @DDOG_nl account. When signing in to the meeting please use first and last name, or reach out before the event.

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